September 2023

Rechargeable Table Lamps

Our Rechargeable Table Lamps with additional features and very competitive prices are still curbing those loadshedding blues. Our LED 3W Vogue Rechargeable Table Lamps available in Gold and Black
are slick and stylish. These table lamps are dimmable and also have the CCT (3 colour temperature WW, NW & CW) option. Our popular LED 2W Golden and Copper Turret and Beacon Table Lamp range,
feature dimmable options and also CCT LED specifications.  Perfect to feature in almost any interior we have the LED 3W Black or White Rechargeable Table lamp which is dimmable and offers more features. 
With an extensive range to choose from we will be keeping your interior out of the dark and in style during loadshedding or if you wish to just save electricity usage. Being cordless they are so versatile to reposition in any interior and perfect for
restaurants and hotels.
These versatile Table Lamps offer many features:
– Cordless – Rechargeable – Load Shedding friendly
– Eco friendly – LED – Touch Switch
– Dimmable and CCT Colour Temperature options